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Brian Anderson / Jack Hopman  present 3 Step Lead Generation.

The “3 Step Lead Generation” product addresses the absolute #1 need of every local marketer / digital agency….

Getting Clients and Delivering Results!

Join Brian and Jack, who combined have more than 40 years of running successful local agencies, as they release a closely guarded secret to the market!

Over 26 Prizes to Grab — With A MASSIVE $9,000 Opening Contest and a Total of $31,000 Available!

But…unlike all of the scraping tools, emailers, plug-ins, and other software solutions that claim to fill this critical area for local marketers, 3 Step Lead Generation takes a completely different approach.

To REALLY be successful, every local marketer at some point has to “Get Clients” and…”Generate Real Results to Get Paid!”  But…Virtually none of the local marketers have the skills and/or actually will do this.

So… local marketers and even the education products all neglect this area.  Every local marketer dreams of landing clients on auto-pilot – and delivering results effortlessly.

None of them know how.

And unfortunately – so many eventually quit or give up due to no clients.

3 Step Lead Generation provides a detailed step-by-step blueprint that solves this problem forever.

It is based on our proven model with real-world tested and approved materials! It is based on our proven model with real world tested and approved materials!

We address….

Exactly what to do to land Clients – Step by Step
Share our Blueprint to Generate Results
Sample Campaigns
The product has a strong front-end, with multiple upsells to generate maximum commissions for our partners.


Front-End Price



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Launch Date
  • September 7, 2021 12:00 am
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